Monday, May 21, 2012

New Page - Map of the Ox Cart Trail

I'd like to point out the new tab - Map of the Ox Cart Trail. It shows the three main trails, but there were many variations of these. Claire, her father, and Bone Bag used the West Plains Trail for the most part. Go on over and take a peek!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

22nd Annual Midwest Book Awards

Ox Cart Angel won a Midwest Book Award for Best Young Adult Novel of 2011 at the 22nd Annual Midwest Book Awards, held in Bloomington, Minnesota. It was exciting to be part of the process and nice to be in such good company.

I attended the award ceremony with my wife, Melissa, and my parents Scott and Colleen Arnold. It started with a reception complete with hors d'oevres and a display of all the finalists.

When it comes to free food, the writing community gets serious!

Just a small part of the display of books.

After the recepton, it was time for the award ceremony. We filed into the auditorium.

Karen Walhof, the Midwest Book Awards Chair, did the presenting:

When a category was announced, they'd show the finalists up on the screen:

Then they would announce the winner. Dorothy Mostad,the president of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association, handed out the certificates and medals. Here I am receiving the award:

Wait - do I look over this way? Or that way?

Mary Ann Grossman, longtime book reviewer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press (she started her career there in 1961!) received the Bell Award, which "honors a person in the publishing community who epitomizes the core values of professional collegiality and generosity with support, knowledge, and wisdom."

It was a wonderful event, and I'm glad I could share it with Melissa, my folks, and you, my readers!

Ox Cart Angel wins Midwest Book Award!

I'm pleased to announce that Ox Cart Angel has won the Midwest Book Award for best YA novel in 2011!

I'll write an entry about the event that took place last night, May 9th, and include more pictures. It was so nice to be included among so many fine writers, publishers and illustrators!

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