Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nice Review for Ox Cart Angel!

I recently received a very nice review from Jenna Anderson's Novella & Short Story Reviews blog.

And excerpt from the review:

"The captivating storyline carried me from the first page to the last. At times I was on the edge of my seat and others I was sad, enraged, and awed. More than once I found myself starring blankly at my Kindle screen. Mr. Arnold has a way of painting beautifully detailed scenes and situations. He sets the reader up for deeper thoughts and knocked me out of the story - in a good way. Themes of pioneer days, racism before it was called such, survival, family, beliefs, society were all presented in this middle grade book. I couldn't help but stop and reflect. An author with this skill - especially for young readers - is a fantastic find."
Click here to read the whole thing.

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  1. Have to say I agree with this. Just finished it and reviewed for librarything. Couldn't put it down! You use such beautiful imagery and have an amazing way on conveying the emotion all the way through. As someone who was close to her father and had to "keep the dress" after he died, I was very touched. Oh, and I /LOVED/ your note of having a rat at the back. We have a family of 15. Always good to meet another rat lover. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Mirrani, for the nice note. Glad you enjoyed the book. And yay, another rat lover!!

  3. I have just reviewed this here and on Amazon

  4. Thank you so much, alhsjej! I appreciate that.