Friday, October 4, 2013

The Metis Flag

The Métis flag consists of an infinity symbol (which looks like the number 8 tipped over on its side) on either a blue or red background. The blue background is believed to have originally represented those Métis who worked for the North West Company, while the flag with the red background represented the Métis who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Metis flag with blue background

To some, the infinity symbol represents either the faith that the Métis culture will live on forever. To others it represents the blending of the two cultures from which the Métis came. The flag made its first appearance in Canada when Alexander MacDonnell, of the North West Company, gave it to the Métis as a gift. They quickly adopted the flag, and it was soon used by Métis resistance fighters before the Battle of the Seven Oaks in 1816.

Metis flag with red background

The Métis flag can still be seen in some areas of Canada. If you see one on your journeys, I'd love to hear about it!

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