Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ox Cart Angel in Sauk Centre

In the beginning of January, I had the privilege to give a talk at the Sauk Centre Historical Society's annual meeting. I had a nice time, and I hope the historical society members enjoyed it, too. One neat thing is that Sauk Centre was Sinclair Lewis' hometown - he based his famous novel Main Street on the city. I've read Main Street, Arrowsmith, and my favorite of his - Babbitt - and enjoyed them all. So it was quite fun to hear Pamela Borgmann, who was my contact person with the historical society, tell me that her grandfather had passed by Sinclair Lewis when they were both youths. Sinclair started throwing apples at Pam's grandfather, scaring his horse, after which the grandfather proceeded to beat up Mr. Lewis. When taken to Sinclair's father, who was a doctor, apparently the father told Pam's ancestor that Sinclair had it coming. What a great story!

Anyway, much thanks to the folks there for hosting me!

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